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Black Friday Sale – November 28, 2014
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AAC M 5. Shooting with the M will be an absolute pleasure for anyone looking for a quality suppressor that fits the AR platform. It is good at its job of suppressing 5. The M has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use. SilencerCo has been in the business of building high-end suppressors for nearly a decade now. Founded in , SilencerCo started from humble beginnings and then grew into one of the most popular suppressor manufacturers in the United States.

In addition, SilencerCo has released a number of innovative products, from fully-modular shotgun suppressors to lightweight, durable suppressors for your favorite rifles. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The Omega Suppressor is probably one of the most lightweight and ergonomically designed suppressors for your rifle.


The Omega Suppressor works with everything from the 5. Its biggest claims to fame is being one of the smaller suppressors for bigger calibers. It weighs only 14oz and is only 1.

Another cool thing about the Omega is how easy it is to mount on your gun. It can be attached via a direct-thread to your barrel as well as mounted through a QD mount, so nobody should have any issues attaching the suppressor to their barrel. SilencerCo Omega Suppressor.

Black Friday - eSilencers - Suppressors For Sale Online

Also, upon submitting the registration for the suppressor, owners are given two muzzle devices, tools, and a storage pouch to keep the item safe. The Osprey is a premium handgun suppressor that lives up to the SilencerCo name. Best of all, there are three different versions of the Osprey on the market: one for the 9mm, the. Nothing about this suppressor is conventional, even the shape. Silencer Osprey. Sample rating item.

Gemini Technologies, more commonly known as Gemtech, is another one of my favorite suppressor companies on the market. They have more than four decades of experience in designing cutting-edge suppressors for LEOs, military personnel, and civilians alike. Their reputation for innovation, durability, and reliability has made Gemtech suppressors some of the best around. Gemtech GMT The GMT boasts excellent durability, an overall weight of 14oz, and a sound reduction of nearly 40dB.

With that said, the GMT does have one drawback: it only works with. But what makes the Dagger so cool is its ability to work with other cartridges besides the. It also supports.

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Gemtech Dagger. Its easy thread-mount design makes attaching the suppressor to the barrel easy peasy. It also boasts a sound reduction of around 27dB — and guess what? And yes, we know that the Dagger has an insane price tag, but its titanium design is guaranteed to last much longer than similar products made entirely out of stainless steel. The Dagger also boasts being completely hearing safe regardless of whether you shoot super or subsonic ammo.

You probably already know that SureFire has established themselves as a top manufacturer of tactical goods for law enforcement, military, and average folks looking to improve home security. Black Friday: www. Cyber Weekend for Saturday-Monday. Harrisburg, Pa. Customers can receive 10 percent off conversion kits and 20 percent off everything else on in stock products only from 12 a.

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EST to p. EST Nov. Visit www. For more information, please visit www. Check out the flyer here. Black Friday starts now SourceTacticalGear. Black Friday is here! Great time to get your hands on the best rifle cases in the industry! Only time of the year when it goes on sale! So, check back often for details on these special Christmas deals. This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 16th, at and is filed under Sales. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Am I missing something in the US Elite flyer?

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More on SilencerCo's military discount policies

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Does SilencerCo offer a military discount?

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